Wednesday, November 19, 2008

old house not monday: Blame it on the dudes from the computer lab edition

Shit I don't get Vol 1: So yo when I take my fully functioning, internet capable, and no real problem having ass laptop to the computer geeks at my school to figure out why I can't get online when I am in their library, (the only place in the world I can't get online because of their bullshit security settings) why do I end up leaving without the ability to get online anywhere? I am saying y'all did a 360 reverse tomahawk dunk of absolute failure on this one. You are the Chris "Birdman" Anderson of fixing computers.

And since that laptop is my dj laptop with most of my old house on it that is why this old house post is so late. Any way here is some old house music that even Birdman could smoke a joint too, and then miss so many dunks, I mean soo many dunks. What man do you have Woody Harrelson in you? What up Rosie Perez's titties and Jeopardy!

Anyway here is some Tom Chambers and Aresenio Hall

Now on to the house music with two artists we have featured here before, but this time different tracks, both very dope. Yep get the whistles out.
Tyree - Acid Over

2 Bad mice - hold it down


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