Sunday, November 16, 2008

rap music is the fountain of youth

People on the internet been wonder what happened to Perv?

And yo y'all excuse my lack of posts but I been out killing shit. Internet was on hold as I partied. I celebrated Evaredy's official old head status as one of them 30 year olds Friday night with a huge Get Stupid! throw-down at the red door with big homie dj Ghost Dad and Chris Devlin. Pictures coming soon, but if you missed it you'se a fool for that. And for those that think NH people can't dance y'all were mistaken.

That crowd was up and shaking their asses all night long. Shout out to all the scissor test kids who came out to party and made the regular friday martini sipping red door crowd scared to death. Booties were shaking everywhere. And big shout to my drunk and focused podna Evaredy for becoming old, and that is even if he still looks like he is 18. Rap music is the fountain of youth. Ask Kool Keith he will tell ya

And Yo I am buying those siberian videos for Evaredy as a late b-day present. God Bless rap music
Kool Keith, What What, High and Mighty, and Bobitto - Hands on Experience

side note how awesome is Copperfield's jazz hands in that picture

Yeah he totally bit that shit from me

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