Sunday, November 16, 2008

sidekick sunday

This is the debut of a once and a long while feature at drunk and focused called sidekick Sunday. This is when we post songs from the high school friends and current weed carriers of them big time rappers. Its the feature for the Turtle of rap music.

And all you sidekicks have faith because even Turtle got a hand job from Meadow Soprano.

So yes indeed there is hope for the Tony Yayo's of the rap world. Drunk and Focused has your back homies!

This is even if you look like your 50, and I ain't talking 50 Cent, I am talking 50 years old.

Zing! Pow! Kick! Watch out! We got jokes for days!

But on the serious tip we celebrating the good side of rap nepotism with songs that are actually dope. Sometimes the crew love power is just too much. Sometimes they come together to form like voltron and provide you with a song to play when you are opening the night and staying away from big hits. But seriously who the fuck is playing ochhie wally wally at peak hours?

First up on Sidekick Sundays is the weed carriers of Snoop Dog, his crew and long time homies Daz and Kurupt, The Dogg Pound(no Arsenio).

This is actually, well technically, a Snoop track, but in reality it is just a Dogg Pound track featuring Nate Dogg and Snoop. Basically it is a track Snoop made to get his good homies laid. This is Snoop being the ultimate wing man. Which proves my longstanding theory that Snoop is so benevolent.

snoop ft dogg pound and nate dogg - ain't no fun

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