Monday, February 12, 2007

Call Me Mr. Rogers or the Neighborhood Dope Man

I believe someone called for some old No Limit.

After switching to new blogger which took me all of 3 seconds I will post some old No Limit that even Matt Bonner can throw on the boombox while Ginobli tries to put on some Celia Cruz.

We'll stat off with some TRU

TRU - "Mobbin Thru da Hood"

TRU - "Pop Goes my 9"

Best Mystikal song in my opinion... no rapist

Mystikal - "The Man right Chea"

Master P and Big Ed tell us how G's ride

Master P - "How G's Ride"

It was hard picking one track off '99 Ways to Die', my favorite Master P effort but I went with 17 Ways becasue it shows that P actually can rap...

Master P - "Intro/ 17 Ways" (the intro is about 2 mins, get through that and you'll be fucking with a psycho)

Can't have this post without Silkk

Silkk the Shocker - "All Night"

And how about some C-Murder… C Miller now… I guess the name C-Murder hold up well in court when you’re in for a murder case.

C-Murder – “On My Enemies”

I think Soulja Slim was on No Limit when he made this song

Soulja Slim ft. C-Murder – “Streetz Made Me”


Anonymous said...

Where's Fiend,Mac,Skull Duggery, Ghetto Commision,Young Bleed,Mean Joe Green???

teach the children.

En P said...


you're right.

I tried to keep it "user friendly"

I'll do a NO LIMIT PT 2. not user friendly post no joke

in fact, im working on it now.

fiend NEEDS to be on this.

and Ghetto COMM/ mean joe

i dont care for SD/ mac/ yb.