Monday, February 12, 2007

Wait y'all like pills too

Question we all know beat pervert has a penchant for what aphex twin calls the drukqs. From what I hear the kids in b-more are back on the e (they might have not left I ain't no expert I am just saying what I heard from dudes that know bout it better than me). Now when that pill first hit around my way(post rave maybe? Shit all I know was a lot of shitty house djs were getting put on that fucking sucked)beat pervert was 15 and drug free. Now lets just say beat perv stays twisted and faded. My second favorite rapper at the moment is always high (what up lil wayne) and you know he is high for poppin off about Drama. I love wayne (no birdman) but you gotta support the dj. But I will overlook that shit cause dude is the only consistent rapper out there not named Project Pat. Anyway I like Gucci mane probaly more than most and dude has a new song called pills about geeking out and rolling.
Gucci Mane-pillz
So my question is now when the fuck we get back on the e and who the hell got that pure shit. I usually stick with maddog and weed (and the occasional I can't feel my face moment) but hearing hard rap about e is weird considering what that did to the misguided youth of my junior and senior year in high school wearing 50 inch bottomed jnco pants and covering their chest in vicks vapor rub.

Mayne I gotta stories for days about that shit and for once I remember it all. What up memory I miss you. But yeah I am glad 2007 is the year for the return of drugs and rap music.

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