Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hissy fits sell records and I love you all like I love my dick size

Wait a minute Kayne you upset doggie because you didn't win a VMA? What you should have done instead of acting a bitch backstage like a fucking diva was instead barged into the fall out boy room, you know the room when they pretended they were rock stars and broke a guitar cause there so edgy!, and in the hotel room you should have just walked and slugged one of them in the face, I would pick the one who says he is a dj and loves to play Journey and pour some sugar on me, you know the one that plays the davy jones I am so cute role in their boy band. Now usually I don't give a fucks about boy band musicians, especially those who like to pretend there djs cause them fools ain't taking no money out of my pocket and their career's are usually over in a year or two, think Crazy Town, and yeah great butterfly lyrics that impressed 13 year old girls everywhere and subsequently made everything incubus wrote about seem deep. I mean I understand that lead singer is so dreamy and so mad at bush and you know lazy lyrics hinged with some bullshit political edge is like sooo edgy and Incubus is just like a cuter rage against the machine. But yeah Kayne West said Bush hates black people and this all makes sense because I am gonna end this by saying Perv hates bitches who cry about vmas, wait a minute circular logic would then point that I hate kayne west thus I hate black people which is totally false, I hate divas, yes Perv Hates divas and loves black people but not in the taking a picture with them with my thumbs up sort of way, and not that I wouldn't take a picture like that, I mean sure I could but I don't, I usually just smile like Eric B did when he counted all the money he made of rakim. This makes no sense just like Kayne having a fucking hissy fit over a vma that doesn't mean shit because mtv doesn't even play videos anymore

But don't get it twisted I don't hate Kayne West, to me he is the new and improved p diddy, and I say that not as diss. What you guys don't like P Diddy? I like puffy even if he did over sell tickets for that heavy d concert. And P diddy can dance look at him in Ibiza with a whistle and everything (Funwrecker has the same whistle complete with soccer ball, jesus christ puffy why not just bring out a pacifer and we can play gucci man pills and say puffy might be, yes bitch he might be)

Kayne makes good beats, has an unreal dj with him named a-track, but lets be honest dude is soft as hell on the mic, but it doesn't matter because he sounds good over tracks. Hell who even cares about lyrics anymore. Old heads like to pretend everything was so much deeper back then but hell listen to any old wu tang solo member's album and try to decipher anything they are saying, well other than capadonna's genius line about loving you like he loves his dick size. Shit didn't matter cause they dropped a few quotables once in awhile and had good beats behind them. The formula for success ain't that difficult and if all these so called throw back groups, I am looking at you big brother (no the group and not my big brother b2), realized this and stopped being so fucking boring and just rapping about how good rap used to be then maybe I wouldn't have to spend all fucking day on youtube trying to learn new dances from the south, watch out for the crank dat perv coming soon.

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