Friday, February 15, 2008

what the fuck is experimental soul?

Apparently I play experimental soul
they spelled my name right
New article came out in the Wire about red door and their monday series which celebrates four years this monday, and they mentioned my night and said it was a night of "experimental soul" and hip hop. I have no fucking clue what experimental soul is but apparently I play it. Awesome. I am invading the red door tonite with my man evaredy to drop the finest experimental soul you'll ever here! But on the real drunk and focused posse in full effect from 9-1 playing all your favorite soul, rap, house, dancehall, and club jams. I think there is a 3 dollar cover, and unfortunately no pbrs, but you can get your grown folk drank on with expensive ass martinis. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve for tonite so if you don't come out well thats when you lost.

Here is a couple tracks I might drop first is new grind mode. I have no fucking clue who Grind Mode is but I love this track. The first time I listened to it I was about to hate on it, then I realized this is fucking great. It sounds like a snoop outtake from the sexual eruption shit.
grind mode - i'm so high
Next is some of that dance shit from Alter Ego. I am in a techno phase these days I gotta warn y'all. No trance though don't worry but I am feeling this shit. I want to say their german or something but that would require looking it up on google and well fuck that. Here is the song do the research on them yourselves you lazy assholes.
alter ego - baby kraut

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