Tuesday, February 05, 2008


New mix for all you bastards to grab, and this was originally a mix I made for my gf's birthday, and the story behind the 2-2-82 is the first time we went on a date on the way home from a party we got stopped by two cops because Dude Justin stole a an orange road cone, and my girl told the cop she was born on 2-2-82 instead of 2-2-85 because then they would have realized she was under age back then. So in essence this is a perfect valentines day mix to give to your girl. Thats right I am so nice I will help all the loyal drunk and focused dudes get laid.
dj beat perv - 2-2-82 (192 zshare link

dj beat perv - 2-2 -82 (320 sendspace link)

Can - transcendental express
Jack Kerouac - Brooklyn Chorus
Panda Bear - comfy in nautical
Siqur ros- gaer
Beruit - the penalty
Why - by torpedo’s or crohn’s (dntel remix)
Dj slugo - take it slow (juke remix)
Eric Satie - ?
Nick Drake - monologue
Animal Collective - people
Eat Cloud - kindergarten
Varick Pyr - one hundred and twelve cupids
John Cage - the city wears a sloped hat
Egg - fugue in d minor
Mic Geronimo - train of thought
Ngo Mebou Melane - Pendja, Paul Ensemble
Daedelus - fair-weather friends
Camron - pass da dutchie
Aphex twin - polynominal c
Boris - farewell
Joy Division - shadow play
Little Jinder - eat my fear (drop the lime remix)
God speed you black emperor - storm
Boards of Canada - bocuma
Bill Cosby - Martin’s Funeral

The sendspace link is a dl at the highest quality at 320, but I know sendspace sucks so I put it up also at 192 for the zshare kids.

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