Monday, February 18, 2008

old head monday..wait a minute its monday`

This week I am dropping some Dynamic guvnors. I am pretty sure this group came out of the UK rave scene dropping their first record in 1989, and were hugely influential in the development of the b-more club sound. It has that old UK breakbeat rave type sound, but they chop up shit nice and stay away from being corny example when they flip this madonna track here

dynamic guvnors - ladies with an attitude

Side not old school heads appreciate how hot madonna used to be. Sure she is lame as hell now, but fuck young madonna would have done such a better job redoing those marily nudey photos than Lidnsey did. I mean I love the girl but she's no old madonna, and ain't on the the curvy level of marilyn monroe. Old heads know the truth.

And I use to hear this shit all the time in mixes and playing out when I was young snot nosed kid. I use to like it even though I figured Krs-one would be dissapointed in me. This shit would not be played in the temple of hip hop y'all. They only play christian rap there. Y'all know Krs one is a christian right?
dynamic guvnors -I can't live with out you

dynamic guvnors -let the freak

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