Friday, February 08, 2008

I must be getting old I forget about old head monday

Actually I didn't but I didn't have time to post you knew being as fly as I am is a full time job. Big things happening this coming week at the Red Door with The Black Madeen album release party with Left over Wine, Nobody Cares, and Failure to Communicate. Then this friday the Red Door done lost its mind and are letting the drunk and focused posse back for a weekend set. We usually kill them thursday parties there, but for this month we taking over for an after valentines day party and full out Scissor Test invasion (more on this in the coming days plus one time return to my glory days of hating on this fool kung fu mike who dissed the red door (well of course not me or scissor test but thats still my club and when you diss them well you diss yourself) But let y'all be warned last time we do a weekend party there was lemond red's return show where I proceeded to drink a bottle of maddog while djing (which is highly not reccommended for any you upcoming djs for too many reasons to mention and the main one being you ain't me and you can't pull that shit off) white gloves, whistles, vodka, funwrecker, and I djed the end of the party blacked out and decided not puke till the night was done, see I am professional. So yeah expect a good time friday.
Here is you old head joint a great Inner City track which is the reverse version of Big Fun, and if you don't know about Inner City y'all be tripping and need to study.
inner city - big fun (reverse beats)

Next is a track for the kids from Dj Sega who is killing shit right now and is a young dude maybe 18 from philly. He is featured on the new hollertronix shit and his production skills are fucking real impressive. Big tings coming from him soon, and this is the first b-more remix of smells like teen spirit that actually works and does not bastardized the song. White people will love this.
dj sega - smells like teen spirit

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