Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the internet says your pants our sagging

I grabbed this track off the mad decent blog
dj tragic - pants are sagging
This shit is like hard house on acid they got from b-more, with the ease out drug being E. Holy shit i feel dirty about how much I love this track. I feel like this is a track the modern day Dj Irene (does she still dj?) would be dropping while doing the truffle shuffle. I am sure the kids on the internet love this for reasons they have no idea why. Thank god I didn't do drugs as a high school kid, or this blog might be praising happy hardcore. I am sorry rap fans but I am like a black kid that grew up in the suburbs and like Poison (the rock group not new jack song), I can't help that I like this shit. And for the haters at least they sampled a rap track for this song.

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