Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you there Old House monday, it's me Beat Perv

The first time I heard Kc Flight track was the planet e track mostly because of the talking head sample, and then later on the front 2 back track with playgroup that dropped in 97 or so. Anyway this KC Flightt track that grew on me a lot, and you may have heard it from the bob sinclair remix. I don't know shit about Bob Sinclair (other than dude is huge in some circles, but not so much the drunk and focused circle) but I think that remix was big?? Maybe who cares play the original, or you have to drop a remix make sure it's the wonka remix.

But if you play the wonka version make sure its warm out and their are girls from Europe dancing on E. Otherwise stick to the original
kc flight - voices

Next up is Armando one of the early Chicago House pioneers and his first 12 inch which dropped in 1988. Also dude died of leukemia back in 96(when he was only fucking 26, fuck I am turning 26 in two days) which I just found out via the internet trying to find out what he was up to these days. Anyway enjoy the track its so good Kirsty Alley said it was better than her favorite past time: donut fishing. For those who don't know thats when Kirtsty Alley gets in her hot tub and has her two of her hired help (they also sponge bath her like a walrus at the aquarium) take fishing polls of various baked snacks such as ding dongs, sno balls, ho ho's, and the occasional tasty cake cup cake and Kirsty leaps out like a seal and snatches the treat. Kisty Alley loves working out for her treats, god bless her. But yeah this track is as good as a tasty cake. What up WaWA
Armando - 100% Dissing You remix

This is one of my favorite house tracks ever. It's like pink lemonade, and always a good choice, not to mention a popular drink. I see you Guru you we on the same level.
circle children - zulu dub mix

Next is something useful for the djs the accapella for Barbara Tucker's I get lifted (acc)

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