Tuesday, August 12, 2008

old motherfucking house...fuck a monday I always play this shit out

House house house
Yeah one week late but fuck so much good tracks first is Adonis
Adonis - No Way Back

Next is some kraftwerk rework (this is a kraftwerk rework right or at least sample?? if not I am an idiot)
steve p - computer madness
THis makes germans go crazier than david hasselhoff drunk in a bikini eating burgers and whipping naked girls from baywatch with his hot dog, no penis, hot dog
kraftwerk - b- sides
Lastly my third favorite remix of this brighter days song. This is useful once in awhile and even though its a "trance" mix its really dope, I promise. The underground goodie remix kills this track but sometimes when your set is going this way you will thank me for this track, actually thank cajmere I just pirated it from him
cajmere - brighter days (trance mix)

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