Wednesday, August 27, 2008

no one has swagger like beat perv

I know the internets has been kind of fifty-fifty hating or loving this shit, but fuck this shit is fucking good. Jay Z is like a fucking horror movie villain every time you think he is dead or about to fall off he comes back ten times harder, and changes up his shit to show you why he has to be considered one of the best. I have always liked Jay, but I appreciate him a lot more these days, plus dude is older than Rakim. You realize that? Shit is insane. But TI is the show stealer here, and I will still argue that TI is the best rapper alive, sorry wayne you good on this track ,and you the most popular rapper alive these days, but TI is still the king of the south. Holy shit does he kill it on this track, and I also ain't mad at Kayne for the auto tune shit, he actually sounds good with it, no cher. Plus they sample MIA for it. White girls will love it, mix it with paper planes and they are happy and buying you drinks. What the hell else do you want?
TI, Lil wayne, Kayne, Jay Z - Swagger Like Us
Also thank Jay Z for one of my favorite lines, "we can't wear skinny jeans because our nuts don't fit"

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