Tuesday, January 20, 2009

can you feel it old house obama and martin edition

This was supposed to go up yesterday but for some reason the post forgot to save, but in this new era of hope I decided yes we can do an old house post on a tuesday. Not only is it a new day but we might have the coolest president in our history and one who can ball. I am sure Martin would be proud.
Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (martin Luther king remix)
This might be one of the greatest house songs ever made and with the MLK speech over it, this just goes to a whole new level.

Next up is Robert Owens who might be the biggest male singer in house music, and one of my favorites. This track is produced by Larry Heard(Mr. Fingers) and some essential deep house. And seems really a fitting song for today. Owens was in Fingers INC before they disbanded and Heard went on to big solo success with his Mr. Fingers name.
Robert Owens - Bring the Walls Down

The last track up is from Black Riot (one of Todd Terry's many alias). This track has some of those famous snyth lines everyone has used and as usual Todd Terry flips them and kills this beat. Dude is the truth. Plus it seems to be a fitting song for change. I don't know just listen to it you won't be disappointed.
Black Riot - A Day in the Life

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