Friday, January 09, 2009

It ain't hating if you right...but yo it IS tricking even if you got it

5 Things Matt Bonner doesn't do:
1. Trick
2. Back down to punks like Kevin Garnett
3. Not listen to rap music every day
4. Eat oatmeal-that shit ain't baller they feed oats to horses and had to put some weird ass quaker on the box so people would forget about that. But yo Bonner don't forget.
5. Not hate- I was born a hater, Bonner So Mad

So I make my triumphant return to drunk and focused with hate on my heart. This whole it ain't tricking if you got movement is pathetic. Yo I got money but you don't see Bonner buying pussy with it. Hell you don't see Bonner buying a nice car either.

but you do see make me making money off cars...BALLER

Why you may ask? I credit Ice Cube dude told me not to be the one, and if girl is thinking lobster, fuck that I am thinking burger king.

I know everyone hates on 50 but anyone that can make Young Buck cry is a ok with me. I also enjoy making grown men cry

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