Monday, October 24, 2005

Its 3 Am put a tape in the deck

There needs to be more music designed for the early hours of the AM from 2-4. We here at drunk and focus recgonize this need and we will provide you some music for your insominiac needs. This isn't gonna be some weak ass theivery corp type downtempo either. First of all fuck theivery corp, and fuck kruder and dorfmeister you fucking simon and garfunkle cover looking like motherfuckers. If I have to hear one more fucking 40 year old yuppie request that shit I am gonna go crazy. In fact the next person who requests the before mentioned while I am djing I will puke on. And I blame all house djs for this shit, motherfuckers are too lazy to dig for some good beats so they just buy mushroom vol 4 on vinyl and play it before they break out some shitty deep house, also fuck you for playing one shitty scion sponsored hip hop track a night to show how hip you are, what is that a J5 record in your bag, seriously shut the fuck up and sit down. Sorry for the rant and now onto the tracks mostly of the rock/robot music persuasion. Here a couple tracks I dig listening to late at night from neutral milk hotel, out hud, Neotropic, and some classic live rock shit from Traffic

Neutral Milk Hotel - Heroin Bag

Out Hud _ its for you

Neotropic - Inch Inch

Traffic - Empty Pages Live

1 comment:

En P said...

Glad to see someone else likes Steve Winwood in this world.

and glad to see you're still drinking mad dog to wake yourself up in the morning :)