Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An Orange Jubilee for breakfast to get me through the day

The grand puba of all MadDog is orange jubilee. This is the wine of choice of derelicts, homeless people, drunks, jailbirds, trainhoppers, and my homie fhrate. This is also the maddog I broke my cherry with. You see fhrate was the dude; he could write like a motherfucker , and I stress write like a motherfucker he is that good (I will post some links to his writing soon), he used to hop trains (honestly how many kids hop trains in 2005? Now its just some fantasy bullshit you read in a kerouac (or whatever) novel thinking wow thats pretty rad about while in reality my man used to do that shit not out of some fantasy shit but mainly cause its one of the few things he truly loved.) Fhrate was also one of the most real and nice dudes you could have met. Fhrate is also the one who got me into a love of maddog for better or worse, and believe me when he drank it was for the worst. Fhrate passed away this summer and I found out a few hours after I had finished this mix (the eerie thing was I had put the finishing touches on this mix by putting Bukowski's spoken word of his poem "The Last Days of the Suicide Kid" at the end as the seeming climax before the final mixdown.) Anyway here's the mix and its all over the place as usual and features some spoken word shit throughout from bukowski, john cage, hunter s. thompson and what not and also a cameo track from that dude Justin who will be posting as soon as he stops living the rock n roll fantasy. I am saying dude thinks he is eddie van halen now that his band is getting large (although I must admit his band is pretty bad ass). Anyway here is the mix

uicide kid

m83 - don't save us from the flames (boom bip remix)
that dude justin - intense herb demo 2
odd nosdam - untitled
diplo- works
pink floyd - several small furry animals groovin
squarepusher - tundra 4 (acid remix)
the bug and daddy freddy - run dem place red (aphex twin remix)
silver apples - program
daedelus - now and then
boom bip - closed shoulder (clouddead remix)
boards of canada - base free
mike jones, paul wall, slim thug - still tippin (diplo remix)
AFX - untitled
dj shadow - midnight in a beautiful world

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Anonymous said...

dang, that sucks about frhate. never knew the guy but his posts on the anticonboard back when were always on point. please make some of his writing available, at least to let a part of him live on. i'm pretty sure u posted on that shit too (anticonbored). anyway, props on the mix, i'm feeling it.
wilson aka proteus145