Thursday, September 21, 2006

I want to do something for you everlast...I mean xzibit

Damn Saturday night was fun and even though the red door crowd had no fucking clue what they were in store for that night, they actually found the holy ghost and danced their asses off, even the dude with glow stick hands and the girl that requested techno Euro Rave shit got to grinding. Shout out to Lemon Red for rolling threw cause he is the king of the dudes, I don't know anyone that has ever had bad word to say about Lemon Red and their is good reason for that, dude is just that nice. And even if Funwrecker forgot his whistle and white gloves night still went off without a hitch (thats if you don't count all the hitches at the beginning of the night or the maddog incident which left me borderline blacked out by the end of the night, either way good night.) Also shout out to Jen for flyering the shit out of that nighht, girl put out flyers 50 miles away in Manchester

Anyway enough rambling and on to the mp3's for your stank asses

First up is some Dj Jimi with Juvenile who both would be much better fucking acts for monday nights game in New orleans than shitty ass U2, fuck bono and fuck the edge and fuck the rest of the band. Speaking of how shitty the edge is is that dude justin because he articulates why the edge sucks in ways I just can't:

Dude Justin writes, "Also....The Edge?!?!? The fucking Edge?!?!? Get the hell out of here! If you want a mediocre guitarist whose repertiore consists ONLY of delayed to hell sus chords, sign me up, I'd love to be in a "greatest guitarists of all time" list. The Edge beat Dick Dale!(Beat Pervert note he is referring to a better be soon posted article where he does an awesome rant on guitarists and posts a ridicolously good amount of music that if sleep on you will be regretting like fighting a school of piranahs with only your fists) Dick fucking DALE! The king of surf guitar! Did you know that Dick plays his guitar strung BACKWARDS?!? He plays all those staccato-picked solos and all those barre chords BACKWARDS!! And he STACCATO PICKS! Do you know how hard that shit is?!?

Exactly which is why U2 fucking sucks they are REM but from Ireland and with songs that are just as fucking lame. If micheal stipe didn't go bald and get uncomofrotably wierd and skinny he would be the modern day bono, and REM would be playing this show and I would be saying how shitty REM is, was and forever will be. And green day, fuck green day. I wanted to skeet on you when you released that shitty dookie albulm, and I still want to skeet on you til this day. And I think everyone in the superdome crowd should wear an "I'd rather be listening to bounce music" white tee during those soon to be shitty performances and turn their back on these honkies.

dj jimi ft. juvenille- bounce for the juvenile

Next up is some squarepusher jazzy shit that if you in the portsmouth area tonite you can catch me dropping early in the night before the rap, bmore and the tracks that white girls love come out, thats 9-1 at the red door in portsmouth
Squarepusher - Cooper's World

Next up is some funny ass kool keith freestyle that mysteriously dissapeared from this orginal post, no idea I guesse I was high, but keith is funny as hell in this and call the gridiron gangs star xzibit everlast in it and asks him to buy some beats. Keith for president
kool keith bobbito and streth armstrong freestle

Lastly is a track I been bumping alot lately, so now you all can too
2 bad mice - hold it down


evaredy said...

tracks for sale!!!

tiff said...

how bout shout out to your lovely, beautiful, smart and talented girl for dealing with your drunk ass!