Thursday, September 07, 2006

Much more Drunk than Focused; Summer of '06

This summer I was keeping the DAF dream alive by being more drunk than focused in every aspect of my life. Bud Heavies, vodka, gin and of course the ever so wonderful red wine were all in heavy rotation this summer. Whether it was sitting in parks, at the awkward "we're all in college now but still all party together parties" or making wise comments at kids in fanueil hall who needed wise comments made to them, this summer was spent drunk. This summer's love affair with alcohol was meant to come to an end on good terms at the end of the summer but it seems as though we can't get enough of each other and our relationship is getting serious now with the oncoming fall.

As for now I won't bore readers with dumb stories of my summer. I got some new shit for all a ya'll to check out.

"Rick Ross is one rapper I know could beat me up" - Beat Pervert

I agree with this statement from BP and I think it's the only reason I even like Ross. He did a good job picking beats for 'Port of Miami' and he sounds good on them in his own way, nothing to write home about on this album but just some shit to smoke a blunt to. Best song from the album:

Rick Ross - "White House"

You can call me a pussy if you want but I acctually think Justin Timberlake has done a good job reforming himself from "boy-band" faggot to a somewhat respected modern R&B artist. He's still a pussy but he gets some of the nicest production I've heard in the mainstream in awhile (thanks Timmy) . Anyway, this song here by him and T.I. is something (while playing in the backround) you can try to take advantage of a fat drunk female at a frat house this semester. T.I. sounds good as usual.

Justin Timberlake ft. T.I. - "My Love"

What's this G-Unit South nonsense? Shit, I don't really know but I like it. Saw this video yesterday and picked up this shitty mixtape version of this song by Young Buck and Lil Scrappy.
This songs all fucked up but I'll update the link once I get the real version.

Young Buck and Lil Scrappy - "Money in the Bank"

Some more G-Unit/ Rocafella shit also from a mixtape (sorry)

Freeway ft. 50 Cent - "Bang Bang"

Many readers of this blog have probably already seen Idlewild and heard the CD that came with it. But hey, this song is dope so check it out. From what I've heard I'm liking the new album.

Outkast - "Chronomentrophobia"

And to close out my debut post in fall of '06 I feel as though DAF needs a little K-Fed in its flavor. K-Fed loses control on Ellen and it might be one of the funniest performences I've ever seen. Plus he bangs the girl we used to all jerk off to in high school.
"I'm a superstar and I married a superstar"

K-Fed losing control on Ellen

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