Friday, September 15, 2006

new podcast, and Lemon Red tomorrow night!

Podcast is updated grab that shit here
drunk and focused podcast
boards of canada - dawn chorus
Slim thug ft. TI and Bun - B -3 Kings/ NEU! - Hallogallo (beat pervert and evaredy went to germany and all we came back with was this stupid bootleg blend)
Jibbs - chain hang low
clouddead - apt. 2
kraftwerk - spacelab
rapture - don't go do it
can - future days
gal costa - the empty boat
young jeezy - trapstar
rjd2 - chicken bone circuit
Velvet Underground - waiting on the man

Boston stand up tonite with the return of Lemon Red and them dudes among dudes Certified Bananas at the enormous room tonite. I'll be there drunk as hell after been locked up in my room writing 30 pages the last two daysfor a grad school deadline, and yes sleep is overrated.

And don't forget tomorrow night at the Red Door I am teaming back up with Chris Lemon Red for an old fashioned scissor test throw down from 9-1 at the Red Door. Its a 3 dollar cover, 21 plus, and the spot is located on 107 state street in portsmouth, NH.

Lemon Red will be drunk and throwing down records, I'l be teaming up with Evaredy while drunk and throwing down records, and rumor has it even white gloved funwrecker will be in effect. Its reunion bitches come out and enjoy yourself cause NH doesn't get too many parties like this, especially on a weekend night.

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