Thursday, September 07, 2006

why you gonna go and do that huh perv? why you gotta go and do that

First things first a little bidness En P would like to say he will be returning soon he done drank too much this summer and forget his password to post shit. We here at drunk and focused are proud of his commitment to get fucked up and he will soon return with all the rap music white girls love, until then I'll hold it down for are dance challenged sisters with a couple new blends I did with my mayne Evaredy.

First up is too short's blow the whistle over the pete rock and cl smooth - troy beat and some TIP.
too short - blow the whistle (beat pevert and evaredy reminscing about your ho bootleg blend)

Next is the federation's - I am in love with a hoodrat over human league's - human
federation - In love with a hoodrat (beat pervert and evaredy playing human league records to seduce suicide girls bootleg blend)
and yes these blends will get you hooked like a dope fiend

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