Friday, September 08, 2006

I am broker bitch!

Ahh the beauty of the drunk and focused influence we turn upstanding citizens into drunk, young knuckleheads like en p, the little brother of drunk and focused (its a good thing unlike the rap group, and also the reason we make fun of the dude so much cause we like him, plus this girl he knew back when they were both freshmen at unh had nice titties that I touched on occasion, this broad is how we met so I thank those titties) Now as we know beat pervert runs shit so as en p slowly comes out of his drunken stupor he might have been blacked out when one of my old podcasts dropped which had money in the bank back in the begining of May, anyway I am here with the steve nash like assist
lil scrappy ft. young buck - money in da bank (non mixtape version)

And as an extra bonus for the girls out their with nice titties here is the before mentioned mix which delves into everything from electro, favela funk, booty bass, b-more club, dance rock, house, synth shit and shit load of menace II society samples.
menace II the clouds
eat cloud - I miss my baby seal
Lil Scrappy ft. young buck - money in the bank
dj technics - I'm rich
treva whatever - dance class
bonde de role - melo de taboco
2 live crew - the fuck shop ( remix)
world class wrecking crew - dre's beat
grandmaster flash - scorpio (plaid remix)
mr skruff - sweet smoke (manitoba remix)
unknown - radiohead of the house
out hud - my two dads (dads reprise)
afx - ?
data thief - advanced social engineering
low budget - crazy eyes killa
raymond scott - the baltimore elcectric company
tittsworth - eastern motors
rick ross - hustling ( graeme sinden b-more remix)
eat cloud - bow'd brain
(side note eat cloud is the best dude making music right now that nobody knows about it, see him live and say I am wrong, I dare ya)

Speaking of en p he is probaly getting hard over this but the pop rap world is about to go to the cleaners with fiddy cent dissing puffy, and puffy kinda coming back with a song about him being rich and people biting his style? Question who the fuck is biting his style, shit If i dance around saying uhh,uhh alot would I be biting his style? Nah better yet if I pimped out the legacy of my supposed best friend to make all my money then I would be biting puffy's style? And yes I know he calls himself diddy but as B2 says he will always be sean "puffy" combs, the dude who over promoted a heavy d concert at a basketball arena.(old heads know the deal)

And puffys whole diss is based on a one liner that he is richer bitch. Get the fuck out of here, but it is not like 50 brought anything to table with his diss either. They should do a song together called who is making me more bored right now. Plus the whole feud started over mase which proves the evil of christianity. Second who gives a fuck about mase, certaintly not the record buying public. Dude stay in the church, christian rappers fucking suck harder than anything else on the planet. Jesus is a hippie and hippies hate bass music, hence why christian rap always sounds like shit.

50 cent - the bomb

Sean "puffy" combs - I'm richer bitch a supposed freestyle that someone else wrote for him

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