Thursday, July 31, 2008

In Bay We Trust cause Theo Make Change

Bye Manny

camron ft. juelz santana- we make change
I loved Manny but dude kind of fell the fuck off this season. We get it your quirky, and you like making money. You helped us win two world series, and next season you were looking at making either 20 mill from the sox, or some big ass contract with somebody else then you went all craZy and forced a trade. Cool Nomar was a salty sally too towards the end, and now y'all are reunited on the dodgers, but per usual dude is hurt. Plus I heard Jason Bay is Canadien, and has hung out with Alan Thicke multiple times. Word plus his numbers are indentical to Manny which would have made this trade a wash if the sox weren't paying for manny's contract (not that I give a fuck as a fan I want my team to make it rain on these players like hos to keep them happy) and giving up Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen, well not that those dudes were that good or were ever going to be better than average, but its the principle right? But yeah Sox are winning the series again they just turned the team into an underdorg group of scrappers who like chewing tobacco and fist fights.

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