Tuesday, July 29, 2008

keith sweat videos volume 3

Yo is Keith Sweat fucking with more keys than a janitor?? Only if those keys ain't coke, and we talking about the keys to a hot broads bedroom. This video starts off with keys, and wierd water shit that kinda looks like a combination of chinese water torture, or some wierd way to make crack. Then we see Keith in jail and some good looking girl in nice cars on the ocean, I think she owns a boat. But wait a minute Keith is on the boat! yes Keith Sweat owns a boat. You realize crooning pays well this brother is rich bitch! Then Keith is sauve and tells the bitch to take her shoes off. I think she has a foot massage in her future! Then Keith throws her shoes in the ocean and croons about how she is in the mood. Dude way to jump on the barefoot and pregnant shit at least 9 months early, come on wait till your semin is inside for that. Can we talk about keith's outit for a minute? First he is wearing a zubaz print tee and jeans straight out of 94, then he tops it in jail with an all denim outfit, what up square dancing cause dude looks like a white dude that loves country, is he keith sweat or toby keith? Shout out to that all white outfit with the miami hat, is that shit starter brand? Then we get a wierd scene of both Keith and his bitch in all pinstripes, shit looks a weird gay orgy between A-Rod and Jeter. Or maybe Burt and Ernie when they have an all dude sex themed yankee night.

Next he dressed up like Montell Jordan, which proves this is not how you do it being suave. Then more shots of the beach and then him in jail. All this video showed me is Keith Sweat might get the girls, but he dresses like a back up singer in a kriss kross video.

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