Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Freakout

The Monthly Freakout is back with MMOSS tonite at the scissor test and this times with 99 percent more light shows. MMoss will be freaking out most of the night and I will be playing pysch, ansd kraut records early in the night, and club shit late night. As always no cover, 2 dollar pbrs and it goes down at the red door. Also this thursday Dirty is jumping off at the Dover Brickhouse. I am going to be playing for the kids, its 18 plus y'all and there are two bands playing.

Also BOSTON stand up I'll be playing beat research with the big homie Ghostdad this monday at beat research the great party thrown by Flack and Wayne and Wax. Also supposedly we got some big guests swing late night, either way Boston ain't ready.
Also check out Ghostdad and Nick Yoder's all vinyl mix for VE Radio They kill it.

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