Monday, July 28, 2008

old house monday...we been searching

Ok, I missed a week (two if you count that half ass A-Rod stardust madonna shit...anyway we back) and thats only because we at drunk and focused love you a lot and wanted to dig deep to find some house tracks we really love, but also really don't know much about. First up is a track off the new mad decent podcast, and a track I always overlooked because the name of the group reminded me of some Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean shit. I don't know why I was picturing the music to sound like a naked dude playing bongos, no Matthew, while some far out space chick dressed in green; green like her skin color and not her outfit. I am saying her outfit is probably beach tasteful, you know sandals and shit, and she goes, "I really dig this vibe." Even though I used to play a lot of latin house(that was back when I was all young and sexy and djed under my government four years ago but still I was eight years old in 1990 you gotta excuse my ignorance on some of this house shit, plus my brother was B2 so I grew up listening to mostly just rap music.) Anyway this track is off the Pirates of the Carribean vol.III release and thank dirty south joe for dropping this track and educating my dumb ass. Also this just proves that I am an idiot and have so much more to learn about house, and hence why I do this every monday because this ain't just for the kids its for the beat perv too, and this why I listen to mixes so I can search and find out this shit was produced by Armand Van Helden (house dudes have TOO MANY FUCKING ALIAS) and is fucking an unreal track. It was first released in 1994 on Strictly Rhythm and was the b side. Once again B-side wins
Tu No Sabe _ Pirates of the Carribean

Next up is 33 1/3 queen who evaredy and I dropped on a mix a little while back ( speaking of that mix Evaredy I need it cause I done lost it). We killed that mix so much dope shit from ugk to old house and juke shit. Man we dope. Anyway the artist is 33 1/3 Queen and I used to always think this was some UK shit, but as usual I was wrong. This is a project of dj Mandrill who has been djing since before I was born and got his start out in DC and B-More area. Who knew. Either way these tracks are slamming and will still kill a dance floor.
33 1/3 Queen - Searching

33 1/3 Queen - tun this mother out

Next up is some guys( I assume its a duo) that almost have the same name is that shitty australian duo (they were Australian right?) that sung the safety dance. Yeah those dudes suck, but these dudes do not.
Two Men Without Hats - the breeze

Lastly some hip house for that ass. This track is crucial and if you doing a hip house set do yourself a favor and drop this.
fast eddie - Let's Go

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Could u please please please re upload "tu no sabe - pirates of the caribbean"