Tuesday, July 22, 2008

where is old house monday?

I know the loyal ten fans of drunk and focused have been up in arms in the lack of updates lately, especially the old house monday, well we have good excuses at least, no serial I promise. Basically beat perv has been working on a new three year anniversary scissor test mix, and trying to get the new site up. So this summer is going to be drunk and focused lazy. Don't worry in the next day or so I am going to do a really big old house post to make up for the lack of posts. Until then we got you covered. First up is the new Mad Decent Podcast with Dirty South Joe who fucing MURDERS the classics, its like an ol house monday all star mix, holy shit, SO GOOD and to boot done live with no headphones (I saw Dirty South Joe Live in B-more this past friday and he killed it with No Headphones)
Dirty South Joe - Maddecent Podcast History of B-More Club vol. 1
Here's the playlist with commentary by the godfather Scottie B
Here's the tracklisting, along with a word or two from Scottie B to put things in perspective:
1. Andrew Dice Clay - Mother Goose (Dance Club Instrumental)
"Woke Technics out of a sleep over this."
2. Petra & Co - Just Let Go (dub)
"One of those house jawns that bridged club."
3. Oji - Original Man
"Great take on number 2."
4. Masters At Work - The Ha Dance
"See 2."
5. Circle Children - Zulu (Braxton Intro)
"See 2."
6. Pirates Of The Caribbean - Tu No Sabe
"See 2 again...Armand again!!!"
7. Big City - Spanish Lesson
"DJ Freeze...people was like "oh shit!!!""
8. Greed - Give Me
"See 2...house was BIGGGG!!!"
9. S.o.S. - Crank This Mutha
"One of several takes on a DJ Food track."
10. Hoovers & Spraycans - Hoovers & Spraycans
"First ravey jawn for the Baltimore crowd."
11. Stereo MCs - On 33 (45 King Dub)
"One of the linchpins."
12. ? - Let The Pros Go
"UK hip house rules Bmore!!"
13. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted The Beat
"See 2 again."
14. KW Griff - Odells Beat
"Modern example of the old school sound."
15. II Da Life - Go
"One of the first Bmores nobody ever mentions."
16. Ultraworld - Life After Death
"See 2 again and again!"
17. The Blunted Dummies - House For All (S-Man's Deep In The Vibe Edit)
"Best selling Unruly jawn ever."

Next our good homie Emynd makes his Unruly debut with a digital only release including this track for free
emynd - to all my haters
Plus he is about to drop a bass mix with 4 Am Jess to promote his apperance at Serg from Beer and Rap's Monthly SF throwdown entitled Face Up Ass Down. Serg is our dude and his wife is the lovely dj Stef and if you live around SF and don't hip this party you'se an idiot.

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