Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just a little halloween hangover

Now that the holidays are over (y'all didn't forget about Saints day yesterday did ya?) we at drunk and focused can return to this robot world to satisfy your niche music needs. Since its november we gonna start it off a little different, different good not different bad like when PMD went solo on the g-funk tip, and give you some links to find some quality music and the orgins of white people embracing rump shaking music.

First up is a very dope mix from Cosmo Baker and Peanutbutter Wolf from the 5 Year Aniversary Party of the Remedy in Philly. Definately a quality mix from the two of the best djs in the game
Cosmo Baker and Peanutbutterwolf live 5/27/02

Next is a little story about the greatness that is Biker Fox. Biker fox wants everyone to know this golden opportunity that you've been given on this Earth only comes around once in a lifetime. There are no second takes, second chances, so please understand this life is about you and the mark that you will make on the rest of the world. Oh and guys, this life is all about the girls so if you are having trouble communicating with these cute little creatures, pick up Dr. Phil's book and do exactly what you are told and everything will be just fine. Behind every superstar and leader, there's a person whom has made this leader a winner. Not to mention biker fox can shake his ass.

Bikerfox in the late 80's orginated the rump shaker. Yes wreck n effex bit their whole style fron biker fox, dude is a dancing animal
Biker Rump Shaker

Biker was also in the orginal video for mack 10 lookalike sir mix alots video for baby got back.
BikerGot back

Sir mix alot even said he bit his whole style from biker fox and biker fox was the american version of canadian rap icon maestro fresh wes but for the white rump shaking syndicate. Sir Mix A lot also said to buy his new ringtone cause he is fucking broke after spending all his royalties on giant plastic asses.

Biker Fox also killed a bear in Maine and just two weeks ago one punched the dj of the kill whitey parties for being a complete douchebag. And like thirstin howl III he still lives with his mom.
I still live with my moms

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awwwdrey said...


my favorite bikerfox photos is when dude is sporting a tux

whomever he escorts to the black & white gala is one lucky lady!