Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the gauntlet recap with a word from our sponsor

To spice up the fresh meat recap we have a proud sponsor being Evaredy's heavy like a chevy Podcast.
fucking rap music mayne
torture chamber (cut chemist remix/original) - edan ft. percee p
break north - utltramagnetic mc's
make up your mind - kool keith
multiples - atmosphere
hand on the glock - cypress hill
melody remix/be easy blend
can you feel me? - saafir
the thief in the night - aceyalone
put it on/dj premier blend - big l
invocation - common
t boz tried to talk to me - count bass d
manifest - gang starr
get off the bandwagon - epmd
dial 7 (axioms of creamy spies) - digable planets
you know how it goes (t ray remix) - grand puba
mansion and a yacht remix - kurious ft. mike g and sadat x
commercial meledy - the jack d'johns
bitties in the bk lounge - de la soul
kick'em in the grill - 3rd bass ft. chubb rock
slave to my soundwave - lord finess
nighttrain (pete rock strong island mixx) - public enemy ft cl smooth

Fucking mixed live and correct by mixtape podna evaredy. Me and him doing big tings coming up and be on the look out for our new mixtape "Music for white girls and the thugs that love them: Vol 2: No Head, No Backstage Pass" dropping soon on your melons.

Now on the gauntlet which is no way as good as this mix evaredy done did.

I am kinda worried this episode was kinda of a weak and I think we are falling back into last seasons period of absolutely sucking. The big thang on this weeks show was derrick and his partner diem. If this was wrestling derrick became a "good" guy on this episode of last gauntlet of being a heel or what you know as a bad guy all through last season (Alton would be the hulk hogan of the gauntlet cause dude never lost). To do this they paired him up with diem who other than being hot, has fucking ovarian cancer. Yeah fucking cancer. So now derrick has a legit reason to be ubder competive cause he doesn't want to let her down because this is may be her last chance to do anything physical before she goes back for more chemotherapy.

This weeks mission was holding up your partner while expended above water. It looked like when of those trapezee artists do the trick where they catch their partner in mid air. Anyway long mission short, the Midnight express of the gauntlet, Evan and Coral, win their fucking third straight mission and decide to send tits magee err melinda, and johnny cakes into the gauntlet.

During the vote to send the other team in Wes volunteers his team in to save Johanna because her and jesse had the worst time. During the vote johanna started crying, overwrought with emotion that wes would be so chivarlous or some bullshit. Big asssed tina said it best on the lines of she couldn't stand this over dramatic bullshit and she was so over boyfriends on challenges. What tina is not over having an ass that project pat would say googly moggly to that thang is juicy and probaly a donkey kong comment.

The show ends with the gauntlet looming next week and me feeling as unsatisfied as john getting hammie whammie from a hooker and not cumming for an hour before she says times up like OC and your left with some blue balls.

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