Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday Scissor Test is Dead: the 7th annual 1 Year anniversary throwdown

Scissor test ain't deat yet motherfucker as we celebrate destroying the portsmouth scene, making all competiton bow the fuck down, and making a thousand stanky motherfucking honkies in sandals playing jam band music run for cover. Tonite we do it real real real big like manute Bol on a pogo stick kicking it off with 4 live acts including the Antithesisters, Advanced Apes, tim emerson and Jon Lessard. Doors at 8, music starts at 8:30, thats 8 fucking thirty whether your late asses are their yet are not. From 11-1 we take it back to the orignal scissor test shit when I bring out evaredy and we play all that hot fiya you can dance to. All bass music all the time plus alot of exclusive tracks, remixes and drunkeness. Plus i'll be playing all that wierd shit in between the acts as usual. So come out get drunk, fight a honkey or two and come celebrate the debauchery that is tuesday scissor test. Its free, doors at 8, pbrs are 2 dollars, and its at the red door in good ol portsmouth nh.

Big shout out to lemon red who used to dj with me back when I started this shit last summer when it used to be straight djing all night long. He bounced to NY though and the night evolved into a showcase of the best bands in the area regardless of any bullshit genre or any nonsense like that. Also a shout out to the orginal scissor test posse people that used to come out when nobody else did you know who you are brendan "white gloves funwrecker, that dude justin who actually coined the term Tuesday Scissor Test, AJ the makeshift sound dude, mr. wallace and crew, bif rike snm the first live band that ever played the night, and everyone who has played this shit or came out its been appreciated. And also a very big shout to my big brother B2 who is really the godfather of the scissor test sound whether he realizes it or not. Anyway come out early for the live music and stay late for the dance shit cause me and evaredy are taking back to last summer from 11-1 for straight shit you can dance too. And cause I am that dude here is a sneak preview of the type shit you might here tonite from a sample of our next mixtape "Music For White Girls and the Thugs that love them vol. 2, No Head, No Backstage Pass." And yes I know I am fucking classy

No Head, No Backstage Pass
FU2 - No Head, No Backstage Pass
Nelly Furtado - Promiscous Girl (instrumental)
bel biv devo - poison
Pete Rock and cl smooth - TROY (instrumental)
too short - blow the whistle (accapella)
TI - Why you wanna (instrumental)
Human League - human
federation - In love with a hoodrat (accapella)
truck Stop krew - nuttin but a bass thang
choppa - Choppa style(accapella)
Cucci shit interlude
Dj technics - Dick Like a newjack
MIA - Bucky Done Gun (Unruly remix)
Frank Ski - Whores in the House
rod lee - bling bling
Lil Jon - snap yo fingers (accapella)
David Banner - Might gethca (instrumental)
TI ft. UGK - Front 2 Back
8ball and MJG - Pimp Hard (accapella)
Young Jeezy - Over here
lil flip - game over (instrumental)
trillville - neve eva (accapella)

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