Thursday, June 08, 2006

a soundtrack for your next blackout

New mix up featuring shit load of spaced out rock music this time around and its good to listen on what the kids call drugs.
jonny wayne on acid
Tangerine Dream - genesis
boredoms - circle
bif rik snm - dalliance of yore
who killed the red baron - fushia blues (live edit)
antithesisters - eddie winslow (remix)
faust - chere chambre
eat cloud - big kitchen
aphex twin - green calx
television - marquee moon (alternate version)
sonic youth - shaking hell (live 83)

Also of note the antithesisters(one of dude justins 17 and half bands) will be playing live this tuesday at the 7th annual 1 year Aniversary of the scissor test. The night orginated last summer with that dude Lemon Red (who just got 19th best music site from Entertainment Weekly which is fucking bonkersand I think drunk and focused came in at about number 527) We used to play a shitload of new rap, booty shit, exclusives and lemon red always seemed to maange to drop one r kelly record a night to a loyal group of about 5 people who would come out, and lets not forget funwrecker and his white gloves. After lemon red bolted for New York I revamped the night with live music and me djing before, during and after the acts and took over the portsmouth scene from the shitty jam band music and sally electro pop dudes playing ipod electroclash from boston that were pervading the scene by crushing all competition for a night where anything fucking goes. Here's an article on the night
scissor test

So all my loyal readers in the area that made this site the number 527th best source for music as rated by Entertainment weekly should come out to see how we do it live. I am djing with boy evaredy (yep he same due who got banned from that bitch ass Dover Soul for playing Nore records) from 11-1 dropping straight bass music, blends, crunk and bass and b-more club exclusives, and from 9-1 we have the long hairs covered with music from the antithesisters, tim emerson, and the rap duo advance apes. The show is at the Red Door in Portsmouth, NH their is no cover and we got you drunks covered with 2 dollar pbrs.

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