Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rock Paper Scissors and Shrimp

New mix is done for the podcast but the podcast is being a bitch and not letting me upload it so y'all can dl it here in the meantime
Rocks Paper Scissors and Shrimp

kraftwerk - metal on metal
siguor rous - ba ba ti ki do do
cb4 - straight outta locash (kid 606 remix)
bounty killer - run tings dun we (knifehandchop remix)
0 = 0 -supermario brothers theme
young dro - shoulder lean (curtis vodka remix)
sun ra - sattelites are spinning (zero db remix)
mcneal and niles - one slave, one gun
dj shadow - High noon
matmos - solo button for joe meek
project pat - googly moogly (josh console remix)
amon tobin - cougar merkin
godspeed you black emperor - 4
squarepusher - spymania
eat cloud - behometh
raymond scott - country fair
NEU! - weissensee

Also the Antithesisters fucking destroyed it this past tuesday at the 1 year throw down. Googly moogly did they kill it. Thanks for all y'all that came out it was a fucking great show. And thanks for the 2 folks who stayed late while me and evaredy played 2 live crew records and got yelled at by the cops it was fun.


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