Tuesday, June 13, 2006

yadda yadda yadda Melinda's boobs

The gauntlet is like waching Nascar only for the crashes, you know eventually it will happen but when it doesn't your left to watch a bunch of fukcing cars go round and round in circles and that shit is boring. The gauntlet has been like that this year, I am still waiting for the first real car crash and its on the horizon thank to the new posterboy for douce bags Wes. First things first he has a fucking mohawk, yep him and nick hogan prove mohawks are not just for out of touch punk rock kids anymore. Anyway the mission this week was to eat slop out of a metal bowl while locked in a cage and handcuffed, then find the three keys in the slop and unlock yourself and sprint to the finish line 50 yards down. Yada Yada Yada chanda and theo win proving the black and white cookie is the symbol of this gauntlet cause the white boy with the black girl has taken every mission so far. Anyway the gauntlet was set for wes and his partner who repeatedly tells all the time is the worst partner in the world cause she is the dumbest and least athletic, thats it wes is the payton manning of the gauntlet everytime something goes right its all because of him, as soon as something happens he throws his teammate under the bus, yep all we need now is the patented wes face. Anyway they are going against Melinda and johnny cake ryan, melinda wants to go home cause mr. ben afflack himself Danny got sent home and is a jealous prick who starts fight on the phone cause melinda mini skirt might be to short. In honor of danny all the pictures for this weeks gauntlet will be Melinda drunk at bars showing off her titties or ass, yep drunk melinda likes to flash her goodies and we at drunk and focused salute her and can't wait for her to do playboy.

I have a new idea for a reality show starring danny, basically he gets one punched every week untill his face collapses in. Anyway Melinda's heart is not in the mission(not to mention her titties or ass) and at the first checkpoint they figure out the puzzzle and get to lose their bags but the dumbasses forget to bring the flag. At the second check point they realize this so johnny cakes goes back to get it and they end up losing. Wes's ego is huge now and he thinks he can't be beat and goes around telling everyone this leading up to next weeks episode where him and johanna have a huge fight and wes tells everyone he is the man yadda yadda yadda

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