Wednesday, June 21, 2006

yadda yadda coral boobs

Ahhh the gauntlet report. I am kinda wierded out I met someone who described me as the dude that did tv reviews and shit. Ummm I am not sure if that was a compliment or not. I am saying I use to have a posse as big as andre the giant but since then I have gone solo. That dude justin is mia for a reason ie no internet, but en p, varick, and b2 have no excuses. I am saying I am the dwayne wade of this shit carrying the antoine walkers of this world to fringe status on the internet. Anyway quick gauntlet recap because the show was basically a build up for next week. First things first don't bring your gf or bf on one of these, its a recipe for disaster. Hell I fight with my gf all the time and I didn't meet her on a reality show. The mission for this weeks was rock climbing. Yadda yadda yadda Corals boobs...Evan and Coral win. They vote Wes and his teammate into the gauntelt. Before the deliberation for the other team wes and johanna get into fight. Apparently wes forget johanna was out of his league and pulled a danny which resulted in johanna getting voted in. Johnaa and wes ain't talking and coral and tina are in johanna's ear telling all sorts of women shit. I am saying two girls I don't want in my girls ear are big tittied coral or big assed tina cause those girls are ruthless. Anyway the show ends with this drama ladda ladda ladda next week should be interesting.


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