Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We back. I am done moving. I am back in Boston. It's Tuesday and our new feature called records I play out on Tuesdays. I been running scissor test for over three years and now it has evolved. Back in the day it was just me and the homie Lemon Red playing club rap and b-more club. Then he left for NYC and Diplo and I started booking live bands who gave scissor test its identity. And now three years later we still the best spot to hear the best bands and club music in the land. So starting this Tuesday drunkandfocused.com will drop tracks I am playing at scissor test (or have played a lot in the past three years) No requirement for these tracks other than they be dope.
Freestyle Fellowship - When The sun took a day off

Stark Reality - So Much Tenderness

Babe Ruth - The Mexican

Master P - I need dubz (zilla remix)

D'Vo and Strom - Dudes in da house

dj Spinn and dj Rashad- that booty

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