Monday, October 20, 2008

old house monday: on a monday?

So the sox lose to a team named after the sun or some shit, and that had to take the devil out of their name because their pussy ass fans who never gave a shit about their team until they started winning could be pacified. What the fuck. I hate philly teams with a passion, but guess what at least their fans give a fuck. Fuck them the rays lets go Phillies y'all need to win something and us boston fans have been spoiled too long. Y'all better not lose to to the mormons of the baseball game. Now with that out of the way we onto the house music, and I got to bring out one of my personal favorite house tracks of all time to get me through this tough time of watching a bunch of dudes with shitty ass mohawks beat my team.
gershon jackson - snare your ass off

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