Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Drunk and Focused Posse in full effect with another fly ass all vinyl mix for our girl dj Stef and Ve Radio. This time we kept it strictly rap music. Blunt Recordings what? Nothing new just good old fashioned rap music

grab it here A Drunk and Focused Ve Radio
1.The Changing World - George Benson (1974 CTI)
2.Get Tha Fortune - Cash money click (1994 Blunt Recordings)produced by Dj Irv
3.4 My Click - Cash Money Click (1994 Blunt Recordings)produced by Dj Irv
4.Next Level (Nyte Time Mix) - Show and AG (1995 Payday)
produced by Dj Premier
5.Put it On - Big L (1994 Columbia) Buck Wyld
6.You Can't Front (...It is Real) - Diamond D ft. Sadat X
and Lord Finesse Produced by Diamond
(1993 Chemistry Records)
7.I Ain't Trippin(extended remix) - Too Short (Jive Records) produced by Too Short and Al Eaton
8.Who's the Mack - Ice Cube (1990 Priority Records)
Produced by The Bomb Squad
9.Breaker 1/9 (Beatnuts Remix) - Common Sense ( 1992 Relativity Records) produced by the Beatnuts
10. No Equal - The Beatnuts (1993 Relativity) produced by The
11.Supa Star (Inst.) - Group Home (1994 Payday/) produced by
Dj Premier
12.Livin' Proof - Group Home (1995 Payday)
produced by Dj Premier
13.Tonz 'O' Gunz - Gang Star (1994 Chrysalis) Dj Premier
14.Stay Real - Erick Sermon (1993 Rush Assoiciated Labels)
Erick Sermon
15.Battle Dril - Saafir (1994 Qwest Records)
16.Get The Girl, Grab the Money and Run - Souls of Mischief
(1994 Jive)
17.Soul Flower (2 tha 3 Mix) - The Pharcyde
(1993 Delicious Vinyl)

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