Friday, October 24, 2008

Keith Sweat to the rescue

Yo your boy beat perv is going through a rough patch. I know its hard to imagine anyone with swagger like mine can have trouble, but its true, yo boy perv got dumped. I blame rap music. And puking on that Bulgarian did not help. Regardless, I am looking to Keith Sweat to make me realize just how good I had it. So from now on I am living by the Too Short/Keith Sweat code of life. Yes ladies beware because on the real I am so handsome it makes even Keith Jealous. Hell, I am so good looking I am going take it to charity with a win a dream date with beat perv coming too a reality near you soon contest. Also drunk and focused posse are re-releasing our smash hit mix-cd "The Hot Young Studs", it seems just right to do. (Plus that it's a one year old re-release and the fact we did a really dope mix which I lost the master tom and after realizing how good it was in evaredy's car a couple weeks ago, realized it was so dope we ought to give it away for free, and pretend we just sold out of the original cd's because girls eat up our mixes like they playing Hungry hungry hippos. Word Up Board Games! AND BIG NEWS so many mixes coming soon. BIG TINGS COMING I AM REFOCUSED GRAB OUR VE RADIO MIX AT VERADIO.COM RAP MUSIC RAP MUSIC! RAP MUSIC!!!! drunk and focused review.

Keith you sad clown genius. Who else would think to have a bozo the clown looking dude play the saxophone like he was on set of the rumpshaka video? But you took it to the next level and instead of having him on a beach, you set the shit to happen at the sexiest carnival ever. I am talking Marky Mark Fingerbanging Reese Witherspoon in fear on the roller coaster shit. How's your mother y'all?

Next we cut to Keith Sweat's mansion. Shit is pimp. Of course it is he is Keith Sweat! But then out of the blue his girl leaves him. He is hurt so he sits on his awesome bed and laments. Maybe he thinks damn this bed is comfy? Shit I would think that too if I had a fly bed like that. Maybe he thinks did Keith Sweat just lose a bitch? Nah, Keith, he doesn't think like that. He thinks damn I am so awesome and girls love me that I am going to sing some sad song to get girls to try out this comfy bed with me, and if I am lucky we can go all three bears and goldylocks on their asses. This is what Keith Sweat refers to as blumpkins (kids look it up on google or some shit).

Keith in sadness goes back to the carnival-no Wyclef.

Then this little white girl steals a balloon from the sad clown, its yellow, and she gives it to Keith who releases it in the air. Balloon flies away. Its all very heartbreaking and French.

The rest of the video well is wack for Keith Sweat standards. It's like a 900 number for being a bitch. Then as usual standard super sexy bathrobe/wardrobe for singing about girls. Then we go back to the carnival, blah blah boring, he gets back with this girl I think. She is on a merrry go round. Yeah she is circling. Keith gets back with her and then tells the clown to watch. Well that is what I am assuming. Keith Sweat needs to stay away from carnivals. Sad Clowns and taking back broads who broke your heart is not a good look. I think my homeboy lost it. Y'all be the judge

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