Thursday, October 16, 2008

old house not monday: Dudes without shirts version aka Get Your Ass Hammered

So last night I was at the Red Door with Evaredy playing what used to be reggae night; a weekly they had to stop because the cops always came, including that one time for pesky felony when some girl got a martini glass busted across her face.

Good Vibes man, good vibes.

So we filled in for the night to do our usual mix of old rap, soul, house, and club. So as always we killed it. Then in walks this dude with a big bear of man on his side, both in leather jacket straight out of Grease. Then dude starts dancing with moves that looked like a cross between a shitty uprock by some old b-boy with too fat laces, and the raver hand motion thang. You knew the raver hand motion thang.

So I am sipping on a drink while evaredy brings us into house territory and homie comes up and wonders what happened to reggae night and why are we playing music for gay guys and lesbians. He just wanted to dance and he tells me, "I can't do my dance routine to this shit." And that he wasn't homophobic because his dad was gay, but I needed to stop playing this men on films shit.

So of course when I got back on and made sure to take to the rave even more, and then when I look up what do I see? None other than leather jacket homie with gay dad in the middle of the dance floor, shirtless, having what looks to be a dance off with a black dude who kind of looked like preppy version of Cameo. Yes, word up. Where is my whistle at.

Side note shout out to the gay dads out there. Thats the second time in the last few months somebody at the club has been wilding out and has came to the booth to tell us about their gay father. The last was this British girl with two cheeky gay dads, one of them which told the bartender's little brother to dance seductively with his daughter because all though she would not sleep with him she would love it regardless. Yeah, so this has nothing to really do with anything other than kids with gay dads love the drunk and focused posse.

Here's your house track
E-Dancer - Pump the Move (Kenny Larkin mix)

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