Saturday, October 04, 2008

It's saturday

You probaly think I am going to post some happy go lucky saturday songs now right? But you are wrong. Dead wrong. We getting all emotional and shit now. Word first up is some of that echo and the bunnymen for my cutters, and cool kids at camp. (whoever gets that rap reference gets seven pies of various flavors and they all delicous)
echo and the bunnymen - the cutter

Next up is something to come down sunday morning after you do way too much acid and have a conversation in the forest of knowledge surrounded by gum drop trees, bushes of platinum (they hot like fire) and converse with a man who resembles KRS ONe but is actually a rock named Fred.
Forest - Graveyard

Last is one of those epic driving songs when you are pulling away from the house you just burned down and the cops have yet to start chasing you and you have just pulled into a motel to drank a beer and peer out the window
Mercury Rev - Goddess on Highway

And fuck it is Saturday so we going out with some of that happy go lucky I am doing the hustle cause it keeps me thin shit
dj amaze - boys and girls

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