Monday, April 03, 2006

God Bless You Dr. Kevorkian

The sopranos starts off with Tony staring at the wall which reads, "Sometimes I go about in a pity for myself, and all the while, a great wind carries me across the sky." He is getting better and is due for one last surgery the next day to stich up the gaping hole in his stomach. He complains to the nurse that all his thoughts seem to be getting away from him, and she responds that's normal for people in his condition.

Janice's old jesus loving narcoleptic bf Aaron, along with another dude that jacks off to jesus, came to see Tony after they finished a protest outside the hospital because Jesus does not improve of birth control. Apparently big baby jesus loves it raw. Tony is worried that if they come after birth control they will soon come after Viagra, which he assumes he will need a lot of in his post operative condition. Carmela asks him if he is a wise ass as the jesus freaks leave.

On her deathbed Paulie's aunt dottie, a nun, tells him she had been a bad girl and got pregnant by a GI during the war. She tells Paulie she is his real mom. After paulie does the wha whah whaha face (ala jon stewart daily show) he confronts his mom err aunt err mom about the incident at her nursing home, calling his real mom a whore and yelling at his other mom for deceiving him. Paulie obviousoly never listend to shaq diesel or else he would have appreciated what his mom/aunt did by rasing him. Cause let us not forget Shaq once rapped "took me from a boy to a man, so phil is my father when my biological didn't bother." Paulie shaq feels your pain.

Now we have a Lord Jamar sighting, apparently when he is not beating up punks who happen to jump up to get beat down or stealing ya ho, he takes time to act. He plays a rapper named de lux who pulled a fiddy and got shot seven times, which of course led to rising record sales. His weed carrier Treach from naughty by nature, I am pretty sure he played himself, was all bummed out because Jamal was supposed to produce his next albulm, but now he is too large and will probaly forget all about him. Choo Choo Train Bobby has a solution for treach, he will shoot him in the fleshy part of the thigh for a small monetary fee, and that way treach too can become a big rap star. Which leads to Bobby shooting him in the ass. Also of note isn't treach a porn star now? Not sure how that relates to getting shot in the ass but it just does, just ask peppa she'll tell ya.

Elsewhere in soprano land there is some issues about Barone sanitation. Tony is a consultant for them and the son wants to sell the company to take care of his widowed mom. Tony tells him to reconsider but the son is too naive to realize how the business works and ignores tony's advice. This is how the business works the mob runs it, capiche. The son wants to sell to a front for johnny sack. Sack and Tony haggle over compensation, with tony finally relenting and taking a deal where he keeps his paycheck and w2 for ten years and recieves 12 percent of the sale, remarking there is enough garbage for everyone.

Tony is on the same floor as lord jamal who tells tony he is a real o.g. and he should come watch the ppv fight tonite in his room. Tony then conversates with a patient who looks and kinda sounds like kurt vonnegut. During the fight treach took over his weed carrying duties as the bitch who has to hold the satellite for everyone. Also the vonnegut look alike, who happened to be a rocket scientist, talked about the theory that everyone is connected, or as lord jamal said it, "everythang is everythang." Word is bond mayne, word is bond. The next day tony confides to vonnegut that he is really starting to believe they are all part of something bigger.

The show ends with tony taking the before mentioned offer on the garbage issues, but Paulie still needs to take out revenge on the son because he is a mamma's boy. Paulie earlier in the show had pulled an adam morrison and broke down in tears when the barone kids mom came to plead with tony not to hurt her son, which tony gave her his word they would not do. Paulie then hits him in the knee and as the kid is crying why me? why me? (err or was that no tittied nancy kerrigan I am confused) and tells him he needs to kick up 4000 a month to Paulie now and to not tell tony what happened or else.

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