Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Scissors and clouds and eating

Fuck Kobe calk me the phil jackson of the blog world cause I got that motivation. I am saying En P might be developing into the next lamar odom/scottie pippen type. Hell all I need is for dude justin to take on the Robert Horry role of not doing anything but coming out of no where with big shots(ie huge kraut and pysche rock posts), and Varick will take care of himself, he's like vince carter he can turn it on and off whenever need be. And well for big brother b2 lets just say he looks good on the bench. Its like having that old cagey verteran off the bench that wil show up for a big game and shut down the other teams top scorer. But lets not get it twisted I still take the last shot of the game.

Now onto some that self promotion in the name of my weekly tuesday scissor test which is tonite with the cd release for Eat Cloud! Dude is some you ain't on his level electronic beat shit, all done live with no computers cause dudes hands on like that. Since I love all you here is a little taste of what you will hear when you come out tonite and by his new cd.

kick em

big kitchen

So tonite hit up Portsmouth, NH at the Red door its a free show with 2 dollar pbrs. I start playing records at 8 and live shit with the Pandas, Grrls out of hell, and Eat cloud starts at 9.

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