Monday, April 24, 2006

Lakers vs. Drunk and Focused

Beat Pervert claims himself as Kobe and while this is true it is because he never "passes the ball" (think Beat Pervert using DAF to self promote). However he was still asked to the USA team unlike some other "selfish bloggers."

Dude Justin would have to be Rick Fox. Contributes every once in awhile and is pretty much along for the ride. Would probably be the captain on another team (Celtics) but is too busy banging Vanessa Williams.

For Varick Pyr we're going to have to go with Kwame Brown. He was drafted first in the draft but has not lived up to the standards set for him by scouts. He was supposed to be the next Kevin Garnett but just can't cut it due to work ethic issues.

B2 the Baptist is Ronny Turiaf because I hardly know anything about either.

For me we're going to have to go with Caron Butler. Expected to be a good role player as an "undersized" forward but exceeded expectations and was a big loss to the Lakers lineup this year when he was traded to Washington.

. . . . .

Keak Da Sneak is growing on me and here are some track from his new album with the Farm boyz. This shit bangs hard as hell and I'm not a huge fan of the bay but this kid's unconventional style is hard not to like.

Keak Da Sneak - "Hello"

Keak Da Sneak - "On Top of My Game"

Keak Da Sneak - "Shut Up"

These tracks are all from The Farm Boyz ft. Keak

You can purchase it here.

En P

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