Thursday, April 20, 2006

umm I forgot what day it is

First things shout to towlie, Oprah's Vagina, U God, Pete and Pete, and Prince Paul who all sent me holiday cards today. I especially enjoyed Prince Paul's and his enclosed autograph picture of don newkirk.

No onto some music you can listen to on the weed
Showbiz, AG, big L - represent

Question what the fuck is up with the bone thugs resurgence. Bone thugs was, is and forever will be wack. And everyone knows they just bit their fast sing flow from these guys. I know people like dumb music when stoned but fucking bone? Shit ain't right
Freestyle fellowship - hot potato

New Ghlislain Poirier track makes me want to bounce up and down on hotel bed with some hockey sticks and hookers that only speak french
Ghislain Poirier - Pampa Pimp

You ever listen to TI? You ever listen to TI on weed?
Whatcha know about TI on weed?

I dunno why this is here
east flatbush project - tried by 12 autechre remix

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