Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A gauntlet of man balls

Ahh the gauntlet proved to be kind of ehh this week. It starts off with the craziest cast member this side of the black dude from the LA(side note that dude used to be on In Living Color around the same time chris rock was saying 'thats a whole lotta money') Jo leaving the show after flipping out and calling the cops saying that everyone was manhandling her. When the crazy mormon thinks your crazy, your fucking crazy. That ends with out too much fanfare and jo being taking away by the tobago's finest. Since she was captain they chose a new one, I think kina or something, some brunette, most of the white people on the show look alike to me so I could be mistaken her with another skinny big tittied cast member. The challenge for this week was called chock full of coconuts, which name was supposed to be chock full of sexual innuendo, get it coconuts look like boobs (or maybe man balls) so its edgy, they are all handling man balls. Anyway surprisingly the veterans were dumb enough to think having two girls go together would be a good idea. I am saying usually girls are great at holding man balls but you also forget their weak and have a much smaller brain than their male counterparts. Anyway long challenge short the rookies won the man ball carrying contest and the crazy mormon had a nice little pycho breakdown splashing around in the ocean (side note how creepy is when they cut to a normal interview of her and she has a smile that says if you don't love jesus I will bomb your fucking abortion clinic you fucking heathen, I am saying in 10 years she will either be leading a cult to mass suicide or doing 25-life for manslaughter of a cast member).

Since the veterans lost they needed to send their captain adam into the gautlet. As they were deliberating they decided they would do a secret ballot. Derick (you know the dude with little man syndrome) bugged out saying it shouldn't be private yadda yadda, thus ensuring he would be voted in now. Anyway it was a secret ballot and yes LMS went into the ganutlet. The gauntlet was bascially lets grab each others coconuts and hump each other (I am saying watch it on mute and I am sure thats what it breaks down too) Anyway LMS won and he is now Captain LMS which should lead to some great useless drama and at least one small penis joke a week from us good folks at drunk and focused.


Anonymous said...

dont ever stop writing drunk and focused. fuck byroncrawford.

arghlene said...

i love you