Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Gauntlet: Well this is just embarassing

First things first I missed the begining of the gauntlet because well I was high and watching the dynasty that is the patriots roll over the jets. Anyway I didn't miss anything because when I turned it on they were in the midst of their mission which was bascally the equivilant of cheerleaders practicing their pyramid on pcp. I think the basic goal of the mission was to walk in pyramid form and collect flags or some shit. Anyway the rookies are in the lead and just sit on it like potsie (hey wu tang references happy days, which means so can I). Basically they underestimated the veterans and one time jobber(thats code word for dude who sucks and is usually voted off early) Ace turns in an mvp like performance as the veterans go up 2-1. During the mission apparently jody took a dick out of her mouth to yell at danny for being a fucking sally. Danny than has a temper tantrum reminiscent of an old man trying to return soup at a deli and is voted in the gauntlet to face the team captain alton in a beach brawl. Basically this was embrassing, this mission goal is to push you opponent out of a small ring. Basically this shit was like Big Jon Stud and king kpng bundy versus Barry Horowitz, and danny ended up being made to look like the sally who throws hissy fits as Alton prevails with ease and is still captain. Yep thats pretty much what happened. Next week I am prediciting big tittied robyn goes into the gauntlet and loses.

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