Monday, January 21, 2008

Pat's do right

Patriots once again proved they can't be stopped, and whats more the football gods decided to sacrifice good ol eli for their final victory of the year. Remember when the cow gets slaughtered during Apocalypse now? Well thats Eli's future. I feel mercury morris's tears all the way in boston right now. Dude should be ashamed that he made randy the macho man savage's rap song diss at Hogan sound good. Speaking of Hogan how many porn stars are on that new gladiator rip off show of his? Well at least two (one of the gladiators was in gay porn, and one of the contestants, the one who talked about riding bulls for a part time job, well lets just say she did ride "bulls" but that "bull" was a metaphor for a large penis)
Now in celebration of the Patriots doing right, here is a 20 minute Can song entitled YOO do right, I think soulja boy is a fan of this song
can - yoo do right

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