Sunday, January 06, 2008

Big Brother Beat

So I was djing Thursday and I get a text message from my big brother b2. Now I got to admit I was surprised cause he is a little late on technology, he came from the four track and sp1200 generation. He was at the nuggets game watching the pride of NH, and not to mention drunk and focused part time poster, matt bonner play. I think Bonner finished with 9 points( he is not a ballhog like AI, if he was he get 73 points a game, I am not kidding he is that good), about 8 boards( he doesn't like to show his teammates up), maybe an assist or 11, and probably about a million hustle and intimidation points (this dude is a Mark Madsen who doesn't suck, hell Bonner won the dunk contest at one of those McDonald All Star games in high school).
here watch Bonner cross madsen and then eat his soul in the process

I also love the white guys calling this game, they sound like Dave Chappelle in white face.

So anyway back to B2 who requested we drop Nas- It ain't to tell, which we did cause we got it like that, and since we got it like that for all the drunk and focused fans, we have barry horiwitz like fan support, here is a little blend me and evaredy did awhile back for a throw away mix with ain't hard to tell, the original sample human nature by michael, and the instrumental from Non Phixions thug tuning which jacks de la and cypress beats.
drunk and focused posse - Nas, Michael and thug tuning

And we can't forget the Can with two songs off their Unlimited Edition comp released in 1976

can -i'm too leise

can - musette

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