Thursday, January 10, 2008

in the distance lies the future

No post yesterday because I had an election hangover, and was in the lab with evaredy finishing up a new all vinyl mix for dj stef and VE radio. Look for that mix at the beginning of next week and its heavy on the dance shit, a lot of old house, weird Warp style left field dance shit, some real old techno, and of course some newer jams.

Now onto the can and this is a real fun, up-beat can track even though the lyrics are fucking kind of weird about not wearing pants in the southern side of france or some shit like that. But where the gold in this song is this little key breakdown before the hook, this song is ripe for an edit just using that part
can - hoolah hoolah

And with primaries just getting started here is a little song about the future
can - in the distance lies the future

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